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Application of welding rotator in steel pipe manufacturing

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Pipe seam is usually welded by manual arc welding and CO2 gas shielded welding. This method has a slower speed and requires more operators. The coating is not easy to be removed after welding. What's worse is there will be slag between the layers. As far as we know, the CO2 gas welding has high environmental requirements. When the wind speed is greater than 2 m / s, it is easy to produce pores. We often face to the situation like short lead time and lacking of operator. In this case, the existing production process can't meet our requirement. A production process which can improve production efficiency will play a very important role. Rotator applied welding manipulator will be a good idea.


During the welding process, the welding rotator’s speed matches the welding speed. It requires that rotator’s speed should be is adjustable and precise.


Main equipment:

Hydraulic Fit up rotator;

Driving rotator;

Driven rotator;

Welding Manipulator.


Bolt adjustable rotator will be suitable for this situation. This kind of rotator has strong bearing capacity and stable performance. It's also popular all over the world because of the wide loading range.


The hydraulic fit up rotator has hydraulic cylinder on the each side of the rotator. This design can accurately adjust the position of the two steel pipes to achieve accurate butt joint.


Dual motors can bring strong driving force. Speed is controlled by the VFD(inverter). The speed range is wide enough to most working conditions. All above is aimed at making rotation speed and welding speed highly matched.



Compared with manual welding, such a scheme can increase production efficiency by at least 80%.



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