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A welding rotator is a commonly used welding auxiliary device widely used in welding production. The cylindrical weldment is driven to rotate mainly by the friction between the weldment and the driving roller. Combined with a welding manipulator and welding positioner, it can realize automatic welding of inner and outer circumferential seams, fillet welds, inner and outer longitudinal seams of butt welds.

Our products have been tested by TUV Rheinland. The equipment frame is self-made by our company, The whole is sandblasted and laser derusted, Spray water-based paint three times, and Improve the brightness and rust resistance of the equipment surface. Both electrical and motor reducers use well-known brands at home and abroad(Delta, Chint, Schneider, Siemens). Ideally, improve the stability and reliability of equipment operation.

We can also provide an additional three-year product quality guarantee and product lifetime paid maintenance, a Perfect solution to the troubles of dealers and end users.


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