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Buy welding equipment at the best price

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With the development of The Times, the demand for technical personnel increases, now the labor cost of the factory increases day by day, welding equipment is a welding equipment to reduce the labor cost.It will be used in different welding industries.

What is welding equipment?

Many welding parts in the assembly and welding process often need to change the position repeatedly, using the workshop lifting equipment can be realized, but not flexible.

So you have to use auxiliary equipment.

The use of welding equipment can greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of the operator.

It can ensure the accuracy of process parameters, the realization of special welding requirements and the reproducibility of weld quality.

The advantages of high efficiency and high stability of welding automation equipment enable manufacturers to recover the investment cost of welding system and improve the welding quality quickly.

welding equipment

Welding positioner

Welding positioning machine is used to drag the workpiece to be welded, so that the welding seam to be welded to the ideal position of the equipment for welding operation.

1. L-type welding positioner

The rotary table is installed at one end of the arm. The arm generally rotates at an Angle relative to an inclined shaft, and the position of the inclined shaft is mostly fixed. It is suitable for small and rare overturning.

There are also hydraulic drive, bearing capacity, suitable for small structure size, but large dead weight welding.

2. Seat type welding positioner

The table of the seat type welding positioner has a degree of freedom to turn over as a whole.

The work can be reversed to the ideal welding position for welding.

The table also has a degree of freedom to rotate.

This kind of aligning machine has been serialized production, mainly used for some pipe, coil welding.

The stability of the machine is good, generally not fixed on the ground foundation, easy to move.

Its application range is 1 to 50t workpiece turnover displacement, is the most widely used structure form, often used with telescopic arm type welding manipulator.

A device for placing welds in a horizontal or boat-shaped position by turning or tilting the table.

The rotary table adopts frequency conversion stepless speed regulation.

The product is used for welding all kinds of shaft, plate, cylinder and other rotating parts.

It is the most widely used form of construction.

welding equipment

3. Double seat welding positioner

The two-seat welding positioner is a positioner which integrates the function of turning over and turning.

Flip and rotary respectively by two shaft drive, clamping workpiece workbench, besides can around its own axis rotation can also do tilt around another shaft or flip, it can adjust welding pieces of the various location of the weld to level or the "form" of easy welding position welding, suitable for framing, box, tray type and other long workpiece welding.

It is often used in conjunction with large gantry welding manipulators or telescopic arm welding manipulators.

Welding Rotator

The welding rotator drives the rotation of the cylindrical weldment by means of the rubbing force between the weldment and the active roller.

Loads range from dozens of kilograms to thousands of tons.

It has two transmission modes: manual transmission and motor transmission.

When the weight of the welding parts is large and the rotation is frequent, the mobile transmission mode should be used. Especially when the automatic welding welding ring seam, the mobile transmission mode must be used to achieve the welding speed required by the automatic explosion connection.


1.Self-Aligning welding rotator

The self-Aligning welding rotator is composed of two groups of main paying machine, namely active roller frame and passive roller frame. The self-adjusting series active and passive roller frame has four rollers. The rollers are made of inner iron core and outer rubber.

Durable, no vibration when using.

Adopts speed control controller to realize stepless variable speed.

Low mechanical transmission noise, stable rotation of the workpiece, each group of clamp frame in the workpiece diameter up to a certain range for automatic adjustment, at the minimum diameter, each group of clamp frame lower wheel in the same horizontal line (different tonnage of the roller frame, the working range is different).

The working range of each tonnage roller frame shall not exceed the maximum diameter size.


welding equipment

2.Adujustable welding rotator

Adjustable welding rotator can be reserved through the screw hole or lead screw adjustment of the center distance of the roller to adapt to the diameter of the workpiece, driven by cycloidal needle gear reducer or worm gear reducer, double motor drive.

According to the needs of users, the roller is divided into rubber wheel, steel wheel, steel rubber combined wheel in three forms;

It can be controlled with other equipment.

The adjustable welding rotator is mainly used for welding, polishing, glue lining and assembly of cylindrical cylinder, and can also be used for assembly and welding of cone and segment unequal diameter rotating body with other tooling.

This product is widely used in wind power, pressure vessel, petrochemical, pipeline, steel structure, boiler, shipbuilding, surfacing repair and other industries.

Can also be designed and customized according to user needs of various types of roller frame.


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