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H-beam Gantry Welding Machine

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H-beam Gantry Welding Machine

H-beam Gantry Welding machineis developed by our company according to H-beam boating shape welding special requirement.And combining our company lots years experience.Which cosists of trolley body, column, sliding board unit, traveling reducer, welding gun tracing arc guiding unit, welding flux recovery and treatment system, gas powered system, electrical control system and SAW welding machine and so on.

This machine is T type Gantry Welding Machine, which has good rigidity and strangth by detailed caculating.which has the resonable and advanced design. Main machined part should be got rid of the stress after welding, running safely and reliable with long term using life. Middle gantry frame support unit will move, both sides of gantry frame install the welding arm. The workpiece will be put at the angle with 45 degree and they are laid on the both side asistance rack for fillet welding at boat shape. Both side can be welded and one side can be welded according to the requirement.

Main frame adopts two sets of reducer for its driving that two main shaft rotation. This double shaft and four wheels driving can avoid the sliding and sprawl and others phenomenon. By the inverter control, it can achineve the double side driving. At the side of the steel rail, it has the lean wheel unit to ensure the gantry frame speed is steady and safely. The upper platform forward part will be machined into the sliding board rail, which is used for welding arm and other parts installation. Upper platform is used for welding wire reel and other unit arrangement. Downside platform is used for arrange the flux recovery machine, which out dust and reduce the up and down sprawl. The recovery machine is used for the welding flux recovery after SAW welding and separating and selecting.Also it can remove the slags and dust, etc. It recovery the flux that without burned during the period and use it for the second time. The welding arm can be driven up and down, right and left by the mechanical powered gear and rack type.Which avoids the phenomenon of cannot stop and positioning by gas cylinder to suit for the different type beam welding. 


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