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Why Welding Positioner?

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Welding positioner is one of the effective equipment to realize welding automation. Adopting advanced welding technology and automatic welding machine can only shorten the basic time of welding, which only accounts for 25%-30% of the total welding time. The time for other auxiliary processes (assembly, flip, transport, welder movement, welder lifting, etc.) still accounts for 70%-75%. The automation of these processes is mainly achieved by the application of welding positioner. Widely application of welding displacement machinery is effective measure in improving welding productivity, ensuring product quality, reducing production cost, ensuring the safety in production and improving working conditions. The use of welding positioner can greatly enhance productivity of 25%-30%.


As is known to all, fillet welding in the flat position is one of the keys to ensure high-quality welding products. And welding positioner happens to expand this kind of welding position range.


Welding positioner is one of the welding displacement machinery. This machine basically realizes two movements, the table rotating and the tilting. The tilting motion can make fillet welding in the flat position or flat welding. The rotary motion will assist automatic welding and semi-automatic welding of circular seam and surfacing welding.

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