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The structure of the welding manipulator

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         Welding Manipulator used in pressure vessels boilers, petrochemical vessels and other cylindrical workpiece internal and external Vertical seam welding and circular seam welding. Welding Manipulator is generally composed of column, beam, rotary mechanism, trolley and other components. Each component is a building block structure, the column and beam are basic components, and the other components can be matched according to the client’s requirements. 

It has a unique beam and column cross section design, and the guide rail is made of No.45 steel. After welding force processing, and then after planing, grinding molding. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength and good stability. The design of the telescopic arm in the beam can effectively increase the horizontal telescopic distance of the beam. The cross arm lifting adopts AC motor constant speed mode, not only the lifting is stable, uniform, high safety factor, but also with safety anti-falling device.

welding manipulator

Crossarm expansion, column electric rotation, electric trolley are AC motor frequency conversion stepless speed regulation. It can constant torque output, smooth speed (especially at low speed), quick start and stop, digital speed display and preset.

Column rotation has manual and electric two types.Slewing bearing adopts domestic famous brand products, with high precision gear, rotating flexible, and pneumatic locking, safe and reliable.The trolley has manual and electric , using the standard railway track at the walking track. Manual is suitable for light and small range of operating machines, electric is suitable for heavy or large range of operating machines.

The manned welding manipulator is provided with a manned operation platform that moves with the transverse arm.The manual control box and the machine head control box (welding control box) are used to make the near control and the far control, so that the operation is flexible. Because of the reserved linkage interface in the electrical box, it can realize synchronous linkage with the welding machine, roller frame, positioner, circular rotary table and so on manufactured by our company or other manufacturers at home and abroad.


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