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Welding Rotator's Difference

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Adjustable Welding Rotator’s Difference

The adjustable welding rotator is a displacement machine that drives the rotation of the weldment by the friction between the active roller and the weldment. The adjustable welding rotator rack has only one roller component is an active roller component, and the other is a driven roller component. The drive device adopts frequency conversion speed regulating motor, which drives the roller parts through the reducer, and drives the welding parts to do the welding rotation. Adjustment of the distance between the roller parts in each roller stand is done manually with a positioning pin according to the weldment condition.

Welding Rotator

Self Aligning Welding Rotator’s Difference

Self aligning welding rotator to the main and auxiliary aircraft two groups for a set, that is active roller frame and passive roller frame.There are four rollers in each group of the active and passive frame. The rollers are made of inner iron core and polyurethane structure. It is durable because it does not vibrate when used. The operation of the active roller frame is synchronously driven by the speed-regulating motor through two worm gear reducers, and the speed-regulating controller is used to realize the stepless speed change.Therefore, the mechanical transmission noise is low and the workpiece rotation is stable.The linear speed of workpiece rotation is 5-70m/h.Clamping frame of each group is automatically adjusted when the diameter of the workpiece reaches a certain range. At the minimum diameter, the lower wheels of each clamping frame are on the same horizontal line.

Welding Rotator


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