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Delivery of Lead Screw Adjustable Welding Rotator

Views: 17     Author: Daphne     Publish Time: 2020-11-04      Origin: Site


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We delivered 2T Lead Screw Adjustable Welding Rotator to South America in November 2020.

For this Welding Rotator, the centre distance is adjustable. It can be realized by adjusting lead screw.

Rotating speed is controlled by VFD. VFD offers the best speed control so that the rotating speed has wide range and stable performance. 

The rated loading of the welding positioner is 2 ton. Workpiece diameter can be φ150-φ1800mm. Speed range will be 100-1000mm/min.

Polyurethane wheels are the most popular type in the field of welding rotator. Because it can offer longer lifetime and more stable performance during operation.

Above rotator is just a typical case amount our products. We are customizing these machines for the clients all over the world. 

If you have any inquiry, Please contact us. We will offer the best solution to your cutting and welding. Let's make welding easier!



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