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  • The influence of different auxiliary gases on laser cutting


    The influence of different auxiliary gases on laser cutting Laser cutting has been widely used in industrial fields. Read More

  • H-beam Gantry Welding Machine


    This machine is developed by our company according to H-beam boating shape welding special requirement and combining our company lots years experience, which cosists of trolley body, column, sliding board unit, traveling reducer, welding gun tracing arc guiding unit, welding flux recovery and treatm Read More

  • The traits of welding rotator Pu wheel


    The welding rotator PU wheel is made of liquid polyurethane by pouring.Copared with the welding rotator rubber metal wheel. good products made of high mechanical strength( The hardness is double natural rubber ).Excellent abrasion resistance(This abrasion resistance is five-or tenfold natural rubbe Read More

  • Why we change the roller from Rubber to PU on welding rotator?


    Welding rotator is a device which uses the friction between the active roller and the workpiece to drive the workpiece to rotate in place. It is mainly used for the assembly and welding of cylindrical workpiece. If the roller interface is properly adjusted, it can also be used for the assembly and w Read More

  • Application of welding rotator in steel pipe manufacturing


    Pipe seam is usually welded by manual arc welding and CO2 gas shielded welding. This method has a slower speed and requires more operators. The coating is not easy to be removed after welding. What's worse is there will be slag between the layers. As far as we know, the CO2 gas welding has high envi Read More

  • Application of the Double-Seat Welding Positioner


    The full hydraulic bulldozer is driven by static pressure, which has the advantages in comfortable operation, light weight and safety. It has a large market demand and is more and more popular with customers. The frame is the skeleton of the bulldozer, and its welding quality affects the performance Read More

  • Why Welding Positioner?


    Welding positioner is one of the effective equipment to realize welding automation. Read More

  • MiraFU - The Welding and Cutting Company


    Welding and Cutting, welding tables, positioners, Rotators, manipulator, longitudinal &circle seam welding machine, CNC cutting machine Plasma and Oxy-fuel ,Plate rolling machine, plate shearing machine, edge milling machine, end face milling machine,milling and beveling machine, plasma consumable parts, laser consumable parts Read More

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